Questions and Answers!

Got questions about the story? Check out this list of questions and answers! If you don’t find an answer, then contact us and we may add your question here.

Is The Prison Within a true story?

The answer is a definite yes. Many names have been changed, but the events in the book really happened. The book provides an accurate portrayal of the story and the characters. Please – fact-check away!

How did Don finally turn it around?

You have to read the book!

Okay, then why it take so many years for Don to turn it around?

Some people are just hard cases, and Don was certainly one of those. But fortunately, Don’s story shows that the bigger the train wreck, the bigger the comeback!

Does the Prison Within promote any specific kind of recovery?

Absolutely not. There is not a single model of how to recover. The book only tells Don’s story and his path to recovery. People may need different approaches for different stages in their lives. Also, recovery can be as shallow as you like (i.e., mere abstinence from a substance or behavior) or as deep as you can possibly want to get!

Does this book promote any particular religion?

Absolutely not. While Don’s journey includes self-discovery and a “spiritual” theme, the book does not embrace or promote any particular religion or path.